Best Running Shoes Under 1000: Men’s and Women’s

Looking for the best running shoes under 1000 Rupees?

This post will help you!

I spent a lot of time on research and came up with nine great options – five for men and four for women.

So let’s get started!

Here Are the Best Running Shoes Under 1000

NameForCheck Price
Lotto SplashMenAmazon
Sparx SM-277MenAmazon
Asian WNDR-13MenAmazon
Sparx SM-213MenAmazon
Power UrbanMenAmazon
Lotto SanciaWomenAmazon
Sparx SL-88WomenAmazon
Sparx SL-513WomenAmazon
Power Burton LWomenAmazon

1. Lotto Splash Running Shoes

the best running shoe under 1000 - lotto splash running shoe

#1 Lotto Splash Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

Lotto Splash makes to the top of the list because of it’s quality and price.

The shoe is made of mesh which makes it very lightweight. And It’s surprisingly comfortable.

The padded sole and a round toe provide proper support to your feet.

Although I don’t mind the looks of running shoes, especially at this price range; this pair from Lotto is quite stylish and attractive.

I’ve run more than 200 km in this pair so far, and it’s still good to go. Honestly, I didn’t think the outsole of the shoe would last so long but it surprised me.

Some users have complained about the fitting of the shoe. But we know that one shoe cannot fit every type of feet. So, this is something you’ll have to see for yourself. If the shoe doesn’t fit well, just return it. And order another size.

A few users also say the shoe makes a little noise while walking. Personally, I haven’t experienced it. But even if it did, It won’t be a deal-breaker for me.

I believe they experienced it while walking on tiled floors. As we mostly run either on roads or dirt, you’ll not have this issue.

If you want the best running shoe under 1000 Rupees, this is the one!

2. Sparx SM-277 Running Shoes For Men

sparx sm-277 running shoe for men

#2 Sparx SM-377 Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

Sparx SM-277 is an excellent shoe from Sparx, one of the most popular low-budget sports shoe manufacturers.

The shoe is a nice blend of comfort and style.

It is made of mesh and is quite lightweight. And the shoe fits well on the feet providing good comfort.

The PVC sole also adds to the comfort.

like the first shoe on this list, the outsole of this shoe is not as hard as I expected. I felt that it will not last long enough on the roads. But after running about 100 km (so far), my doubt was gone.

Some users have complained about the finishing of the shoe saying there were some open stitches. However, in my case, it wasn’t a problem. Just make sure to check the stitching when you receive your pair.

One more thing you may not like about this shoe is the lacing. It doesn’t feel proper. But I don’t think it’s a major issue that should keep you from buying it.

Overall, it’s a Good quality shoe at a good price.

3. Asian WNDR-13 Running Shoes for Men

asian wndr 13 running shoe

#3 Asian WNDR-13 Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

Made with mesh material, Asian WNDR-13 is a lightweight shoe. It’s available in a variety of colors to choose from.

This shoe comes up as a surprise as I never expected this quality at so low a price. In fact, it is the cheapest shoe on this list!

The outsole of the shoe is hard and seems durable. Some users say that they have used this shoe for about 600 km. It’s quite remarkable for a shoe so cheap.

I’d like to mention that I did not feel very comfortable especially around the ankles. But many other users had no issues with its comfort. I did run 90 km with this pair so far.

The inner sole is a little hard. So do consider this before making your purchasing decision.

If you want to spend the least money, this shoe is the best choice.

4. Sparx SM-213 Running Shoes For Men

sparx sm 213 running shoe for men

#4 Sparx SM-213 Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

This pair of running shoes from Sparx is made of mesh.

The finishing of Sparx SM-213 is done nicely. And it looks attractive.

The TPR sole makes the shoe lightweight and flexible. It also provides good traction on the ground.

Many users appreciated the fitting and comfort of the shoe. And the quality is quite impressive in this price range.

It’s a value for money product and one of the best in this price range.

5. Power Men’s Urban Running Shoes

Power Men's Urban Running Shoes

#5 Power Urban Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

Power Urban Running Shoe is breathable and lightweight shoe It provides a good grip on the ground, reducing the chances of slipping.

It is a comfortable shoe as the fitting is really nice. And if you like simplistic designs, you’ll love it!

The quality of the used material is great. You can expect good durability from this pair.

Good quality, great breathability, lightweight, simplistic design make it a great option for you.

At this price, this shoe is a steal!

6. Lotto Women’s Sancia Running Shoes

lotto sancia running shoe for women

#6 Lotto Sancia Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

Lotto Sancia utilizes mesh as the outer material. It’s a well-designed shoe that fits nicely on your feet.

Cushioning is pretty good making it very comfortable during activities. And if the looks matter to you, you’ll be happy with it.

The sole is made of rubber which is quite durable. It also provides good traction on the ground so you won’t have to worry about slipping.

According to some users, this pair could use a little more cushioning at the back though.

Overall, the quality of the shoe is great and many users were surprised they got it for such a low price. Some users even bought more than one pair.

This pair from Lotto is a good quality shoe at an affordable price – making it the top pick for women under 1000 Rupees.

7. Sparx SL-88 Women’s Running Shoes

sparx sl 88 running shoe for women

#7 Sparx SL-88 Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

The upper of Sparx SL-88 is made of mesh material and It’s quite lightweight.

The shoe is quite comfortable. It could have been a lot better if there was a little more cushioning. So I’d recommend using it for light running only.

It has an EVA sole which makes it quite flexible. And the shoe is quite durable, some users claim to have used it for months and the were quite happy about it.

Many users say that the shoe is large and you won’t have to order a bigger size. So do check that before you use it on the roads outside.

8. Sparx Women SL-513 Sports Shoes

Sparx sl 513 running shoe for women

#8 Sparx Sl-513 Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

Another pair from Sparx on this list, Sparx SL-513 is a lightweight and comfortable shoe.

It’s upper is made with a combination of mesh and PU leather materials.

The outsole is made of Phylon and TPR. And It is quite flexible. It could have been a little better though. It may wear out a bit sooner than you would expect. A drawback but definitely not a deal-breaker considering the price.

Sparx SL-513 is a good option in this price range. Make sure to buy one size bigger as the shoe runs a little smaller.

9. Power Women’s Burton L Running Shoes

power burton l running shoe for women

#9 Power Burton L Running Shoes

Check it on Amazon

The last option for women on this list is a pair from Power, one of the Bata brands.

Power Burton L Running shoe is surprisingly comfortable. It’s upper is made of synthetic and mesh materials. And it’s quite lightweight.

Also, the color combination of the shoe makes it look very attractive.

A good option for those who want to spend as little as they can.

Final notes

Please note that these shoes are for those who want to spend as little money as they can. It’s important that you do not compare these with the shoes from big brands like Nike and Asics. If you do, you’ll only be disappointed.

Keep in mind that even those shoes don’t come with a guaranty.

I’d recommend using these shoes for light running. If they work for you, great! You’ll save a ton of money.

One use I see for these shoes is – using them to extend the life of your expensive specialty running shoes. Alternate these cheap running shoes with them. It’s a smart and budget-friendly way. Personally, I use these shoes for my easiest runs and I haven’t faced any problem with them.

Also, the price of the listed running shoes was under Rs. 1000 at the time of writing this article. Please note that the prices keep changing on online stores. Even different colors and sizes of the same shoe vary in their cost. So, make sure you check that before purchasing.

Thanks for reading!

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