22 Eliud Kipchoge Quotes About Running and Life

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The Wolf at Flickr.com, Eliud Kipchoge, desaturated and text added by runnyday, CC BY 2.0

Here are 22 quotes from Eliud Kipchoge:

1. “Only the disciplined ones in life are free. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods and your passions.”

2. “It’s not about the legs; it’s about the heart and the mind.”

3. “I am running to make history, to show that no human is limited. It’s not about money, it’s about showing a generation of people that there are no limits,”

4. “If I miss one training, then I will not sleep well.”

5. “I would like to tell every living soul in the world that anyone can do whatever they want, all they need is to believe and trust in themselves.”

6. “What motivates me year in, year out, is the love for the sport and the legacy I want to leave for the present and next generation.”

7. “You live simple, you train hard, and live an honest life. Then you are free.”

8. “My secret? I run with my heart and my mind.”

9. “I always treat myself as my biggest competitor.”

10. “When you work hard, when you actually concentrate, when you set your priorities high, when you actually set your goals, and put them in your heart and in your mind, you will accomplish, without any question.”

11. “To run alone is not sport. To run with others is sport.

12. “Mental fitness plays a big role during competition. If you don’t rule your mind, your mind will rule you.”

13. “Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Accept change.”

14. “To win is not important. To be successful is not even important. How to plan and prepare is crucial. When you plan very well and prepare very well, then success can come on the way. Then winning can come on your way.”

15. “I am just going to try to run my personal best. If it comes as a world record, I would appreciate it. But I would treat it as a personal best.”

16. “If you work hard, follow what’s required and set your priorities right, then you can really perform without taking shortcuts. If you’re taking shortcuts, you can’t be free.”

17. “When I run, I feel good. My mind feels good. I sleep in a free way, and I enjoy life.”

18. “I believe in what I am doing. To run a big marathon and win takes five months. When I’m on the starting line, my mind starts reviewing what I have been doing the last five months. I believe in my training, and I treat myself as the best one standing on that line.”

19. “In the marathon, the first half is just a normal run. At 15 kilometers, 20 kilometers, everybody is still going to be there. Where the marathon starts is after 30 kilometers. That’s where you feel pain everywhere in your body. The muscles are really aching, and only the most prepared and well-organized athlete is going to do well after that. I’ll go with the pace, but after 30 kilometers, I’ll change to my own pace. And if you’re ready to follow me, then we can go together.”

20. “When I have a lot of pain, I try to confuse my mind to forget about the pain and think about the distance. I don’t want pain to be in my mind, because I’d really lose focus on running. After winning, you won’t have that pain, but it comes later. The marathon is hard; the second day, you don’t go up or down stairs.”

21. “100% of myself is nothing compared to 1% of the whole team. And vice versa. 1% percent of the teams is nothing compared to 100% of myself. And that’s the meaning of teamwork.”

22. “Keeping calm allows you to think more clearly and being patient allows you to be prepared on how best to run a beautiful race,”


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